In the resorts of the Peninsula, you can not only actively relax, but also to engage in recovery. In short, Crimea is an ideal holiday destination for those who are used to spend their holidays with benefits for body and soul.

Beach holiday

Resort cities — Yalta, Alushta, Evpatoria, Feodosia, Sudak, Kerch etc. — like the "Necklace" of Crimea stretched along the coastline of the Peninsula. Fans of beach relaxation, supporters of camping, as well as connoisseurs of natural beauty and health come here. Where, if not on the Crimean beaches, you can sunbathe comfortably surrounded by mountains and fabulous nature or relax with tents? There are all conditions for this here.

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Beach in Evpatoria
The center of beach holiday in Crimea and the most popular resort region is the southern coast of Crimea and its capital – Yalta. Hotels here have a high level of service and developed infrastructure, and the beach area – natural beauty. From Aya Cape to Ay-Todor Cape a string of small bays with clean water and comfortable pebble beaches stretches. In places inaccessible to the majority of vacationers find shelter "savages" and romantics.

The beaches of Yalta, Gurzuf, Partenit and Alushta also give aesthetic pleasure. Here, sunbathing on a towel or sipping a drink in a sun lounger, you can relax with views of the endless sea on one side and the majestic mountains on the other. The swimming season at the local resorts starts approximately in May and lasts until the end of October.

Massandra Beach

If you do not like the rocky beaches, you can choose for vacation the South-Eastern coast of Crimea. Here — from Alushta to Sudak — stretched sandy and pebble beaches, separated from each other by mountain ranges. Further to the East there are beautiful beaches with clear water, lurking in the bays of Noviy Svet. Luxury holiday offer also Koktebel with Feodosia. Here you can stay in solitude from the main flow of tourists, and sunbathe in plenty, and compete with the young Crimean holiday-makers in the construction of sand castles. Fortunately sandy beaches with a gentle entrance to the water and mostly calm sea stretched here for kilometers.

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Vorontsov Palace
There are on the Peninsula also white sandy beaches with blue lagoons, not inferior to the popular Maldives. This is the coastline near Opuk Cape on the Kerch Peninsula. This is a real Paradise in the East of Crimea. Fine sand, smooth entry into the water, almost complete lack of civilization, unparalleled views of Opuk and its surroundings — all this is waiting for someone who will come here to relax. These places are loved by divers, because the water is stunningly clean, and the seascape with animals is impressive.

Several aside — on the coast of the Azov sea – are no less beautiful beaches, most of which are untouched by civilization. The most famous of them is Kazantipskiy. No less popular in the Bulganak Bay, Reef Bay, in Mysovoye and Semyenovka villages, Shelkino city.

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And where is the best place to rest with children? Here the opinions of experts converge – the West coast of Crimea is no equal. Kilometers and kilometers of fine sand, mild climate, salty air, plenty of sunny days and calm sea… In addition, the gradual transition to the depth of the shore and the lack of stones on the bottom of the beaches of Evpatoria and Saki area ideal places for children. And you will not be bored here – entertainment for young tourists is literally at every step.

Beach in Saki district

Wellness tourism

The Crimean Peninsula is known not only for its diverse beaches and natural beauty, but also for its therapeutic climate. Many of them are health resorts in themselves, because even just a walk along the coast carries the healing power due to the clean and rich sea air. Crimean tourists have a unique opportunity to combine the usual holiday with health care.

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Crimea’s therapeutic mud and silted estuaries
Effective recovery, which offers Crimea, is considered unique. It is widely known outside our country due to the high-quality Spa component and the use of natural ingredients: therapeutic Saki mud and salt lakes brine, healing mineral water and climatic components. It treats many ailments, which are not taken by specialists in other regions, are rehabilitated after injuries and diseases. And every year medical tourism is gaining momentum – there are a lot of health centers and boarding houses with treatment in Crimea. However, it is important to know your diagnosis, this will make it possible to choose the right option for rest and recovery.

For example, people with ENT diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are better to stay in the health centers of the South coast. In case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract is recommended to go to Evpatoria, where, by the way, children's treatment is very developed.

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Children’s health treatments at Crimean resorts
Therapeutic mud in Saki helps to recover from injuries. There is a health center which is known all over the world as a place of treatment of spinal patients. Here, in the literal sense of the word, many people are put on their feet. So if you need to combine summer vacation in Crimea with recovery, then study the treatment program of the Crimean resorts and come purposefully in the appropriate option. However, it is better not to delay the booking, because the residents of different countries go to Crimea for recovery and it is better to think of places and vouchers availability in advance.

Saki mud

Excursions and entertainments

Crimea is a real storehouse of attractions and recreational facilities, and it is unlikely that someone will be able to see at least half of the world-famous tourist destinations in one vacation. They are, without exaggeration, everywhere. And each region has its own, so if you want to not only lie on the beach in summer, walk along the embankments or enjoy local cuisine, think about your route in advance. So there is a chance to see as much as possible.

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For example, in Yalta. It is a huge open-air Museum. Popular attractions are here at every step: promenade seafront, Primorskiy Park, Yalta reserve, cable road, numerous estates and famous hotels, temples, museums, zoos… It is possible to list long, and it – only in the city. In close proximity to it – suburban settlements – there are no less interesting tourist sites such as Nikitskiy Botanical garden, Livadia, Massandra and Vorontsov palaces and much more.

Alushta is also rich in attractions. Here are the ruins of the fortification of the VI century — Aluston fortress, Funa medieval fortification, Almond grove, Crimean nature reserve, Water Park and dolphinarium, numerous monuments, estates of merchants and estates of prominent people. And of course the mountains. In the vicinity of the resort city there are interesting ridges and rock massifs, which are definitely worth a visit for fans of active tourism. But it is better to do it accompanied by guides or connoisseurs of the area, for safety, because the Crimean mountains are treacherous.

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All the ways to have an active rest in the Crimea
No less interesting objects in the West and East of the Peninsula. These are the famous Karaite kenases and the ancient city of Kerkinitida, Juma-Jami mosque and St. Nicholas Cathedral in Evpatoria, as well as the Royal mound, the fortress of Yeni-Kale, the Great Mithridates staircase in Kerch. No less interesting is the famous Golden gate of the Kara-Dag and Klementieva mount in Koktebel. And what is the hero city of Sevastopol with its legendary Chersonese, the famous Balaklava, majestic panorama and historical diorama? Plenty to look. In General, if you choose to rest in Crimea in summer, do not expect to be bored.

Tauric Chersonesos

5 reasons to go to Crimea this summer:
• Plunge into the warm, clean sea and see for yourself that the most blue in the world – the Black sea.
• Take a ride on the world's longest trolleybus route Simferopol ‒ Alushta ‒ Yalta, taking photos of picturesque views from the panoramic windows of the "horned".
• Discover a new peloid therapy, that is, to be covered from head to toe with therapeutic mud at the world-famous mud resorts of the Crimea and assess the effect.
• Try the famous black sea cuisine and turn your head with "bubbles" of sparkling Crimean wine.
• Improve your health to recharge your strength and energy for the year ahead until the next holiday, which, of course, will be held in the Crimea.