Crimea is the perfect place for both seaside and active holidays. Thanks to the climate of the peninsula, extreme sports can be practiced year round. You just have to decide which element you want to conquer.


— Those interested in scuba diving have most likely heard of Cape Tarkhankut on the western coast of Crimea. Its waters are attractive not only because of their purity, unique flora and fauna, tunnels and grottoes, and constantly warm water, but also because of an amazing underwater museum called Leaders' Alley with its flooded monuments from the Soviet era. The average diving depth is between 3 and 20 m. There are rental stations, a diving school and private instructors for group or individual training. People with disabilities are also welcome to learn diving here, too.

— In Olenyovka near Cape Tarkhankut, fans of kiteboarding and windsurfing can take advantage of the powerful winds during the summer months. Kiteboarding courses and kite camp meetings are held there every year. There are also equipment rentals and repair shops. In addition to Olenyovka's popularity, the shores of Lake Donuzlav, the village of Mezhvodnoye in the west, Cape Kazantip and the Arshintsevskaya Spit in the eastern part of the peninsula are also tempting for their winds.

Sports and adventure

— Kayaking on a variety of sea kayaks. There are rental stations all along the coast, but the most popular routes include Balaklava to Cape Aya, Gurzuf to Adalary Rocks, along Karadag in Koktebel, as well as along Cape Tarkhankut with its many grottoes. Even those who are not very fit can give kayaking a go here. Children over 5 can do short-distance kayaking if the weather is good. It is also possible to rent a SUP, a stand-up paddleboard, at kayak rental shops — a surfboard with a paddle.

— Flyboarding is a relatively new but already popular sport in Crimea. You can find a year-round rental shop and go on a training course at Kozachya Bay in Sevastopol. Flyboard rentals also open in other cities in the summer.


— A hot air balloon is the best way to get a bird's eye view of Crimea. Feodosia is home to a company that makes materials for parachutes and aerostats, which has made the city an aeronautical capital with annual festivals and competitions. Tourists can rise to the clouds with an experienced pilot any time of the year.

— Legendary Mount Klementyev is not far from Feodosia, in Koktebel. It is one of only two peaks in the world with unique ascending air currents. The second, Harris Hill, is located next to the town of the same name in New York State, the US. In 1923, the Higher Flight Glider School opened in Koktebel, and the town became the Soviet birthplace of gliding. It was here that aircraft designers Oleg Antonov and Alexander Yakovlev and spacecraft creator Sergei Korolyov began their careers. Today, there is a paragliding centre with a flight school, where anyone can learn to fly a paraglider or hang glider.

Sports and adventure

— Skydiving is available at three airfields: Yukharina Balka in Sevastopol, Zavodskoye in Simferopol and also on Mount Klementyev in Koktebel.


— Since Soviet times, Crimea has been popular with those who enjoy hiking. Today it is a fashionable resort for hiking and trekking fans. The list of equipped tourist routes is available on the Ministry for Health Resorts and Tourism website.

Some trails run through specially protected areas, so please look up the reserves' rules in advance.

— Mountaineering attracts tourists to the south of the peninsula — to the main ridge of the Crimean Mountains. Climbers have a wider choice. In addition to the South Coast, there are equipped routes in Belogorsk and throughout the Bakhchisaraisky district with unique cuesta cliffs.

Sports and adventure

— Cave exploring in Crimea closely links tourism with science. Along with the tourists who visit the most popular caves (Krasnaya (Red), Mramornaya (Marble), Emine-Bair-Hosar, Skelskaya, and Tryokhglazka), professional speleologists explore other caves. It is recommended that cave explorers only descend into a cave with a guide and with the necessary equipment. These services are widely available. Please look up the working hours of the sites in advance.

— In the winter, you can go snowboarding, skiing or snowmobiling in Crimea. One of the most popular peaks in the region, Ai-Petri, remains covered with snow for up to three months. The plateau has six mountain ski trails of various difficulty levels, and recreation zones. Instructors can assist you if needed.

Another place for skiers and snowboarders is the Angarsky Pass. It can be reached by public transit or by car. It takes only 15 minutes to walk from the bus stop to the ski run. There are three ski trails on the mountain.

— You can book tours on horses, bicycles or quads. Bungee jumping and rope courses are among other activities popular with tourists.

Whatever type of holiday you choose, it is strongly recommended that you check that the providers of extreme sports services are fully licensed and can give medical assistance should it be required.

10 types of adventures to experience in Crimea

• Enjoying a bird view of Simferopol while skydiving
• Scuba diving in a cavern of Cape Tarkhankut
• Paragliding in the rising air current of Mount Klementyev
• Kayaking from Balaklava to Cape Aya and taking a swim in Crimea's clearest water
• Skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling on the Ai-Petri Plateau
• Confessing your love to somebody during a hot air balloon trip over Feodosia
• Keping your balance on a flyboard in Sevastopol
• Descending into Krasnaya Cave with a guide, going through a sump and swimming across an underground river
• Catching a wave on a windsurf in Olenyovka
• Hiking, camping, birdwatching and internet free holidaying