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The Syndicate has no analogues in Crimea. In an old mansion built at the end of the 19th century, we collected products from more than 30 of the best wineries on the peninsula. We tell guests about today's trends in the development of winemaking and author's projects with full immersion in the atmosphere. For this we have 5 themed tasting rooms with an individual character and unique sets of selected wines, including rare and exclusive samples," the owners of the new club said.

So, visitors choose one of five themed rooms:

  • 'Garage'

Here guests will get acquainted with the so-called 'garage' (homemade) wine making, the limited edition wines, which are produced in small volumes from small, low-yielding, vineyards. Each drink has its own author and style, and all winemakers work under same roof − in the winemaking center of the Perovsky Estate in Sevastopol.

  • 'Crimean Chateau'

This is a reference to small French wine houses with a closed production cycle. Crimea also has its own chateaus − chamber author's projects, which have grown from 'garage' production to the format of a family winery. In particular, guests will learn who those merchants are and why their products are almost never found on supermarkets shelves.

  • 'New wave'

This room will introduce local young and progressive farms, whose history is just beginning. Guests will be told about gravity wineries, and they will also dispel myths about table wines and prove why they can be expensive.

  • 'Imperial'

This room will take you to the atmosphere of the beginning of the 19th century and tell the story of truly great wineries. In particular, the guests will learn how Prince Lev Golitsyn turned the rich Crimean lands into the winemaking center of Imperial Russia. The impressions will be followed by a tasting of famous wines, which are considered the hallmark of Crimea.

  • 'Bubbles'

This room is dedicated to sparkling wines. How the bubbles appear in the wine and why the classical method differs from alternative production methods? How to fully reveal the taste palette of the royal drink with the help of the right wineglass? Guests will receive answers to these and many other questions.

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"We organize tours and arrange tastings in the room of your choice to taste carefully selected samples and get acquainted with local farm cheeses.

For the most sophisticated guests, we are ready to offer a unique set of 6 samples of the rarest and most exquisite wines using the Coravin system (a system that allows you to pour wine into glasses in any quantity and at any time and at the same time preserve it without loss of aroma and taste, because removing the cork not required − Ed.)," the hosts added.

Each of the tastings (1 hour) is led by a sommelier. Guests receive 5 samples of wines (1 from the manufacturer) and 3 types of farm cheeses and grissini.

For guests, the doors of the chamber wine-boutique are open, where you can buy a bottle of the wine you like.

You can find more info in the Syndicate Group on VKontakte.

How to get from the center of Yalta by car: in the city administration area, go to Roosevelt Street and follow it past the Yalta Sea Port and the Bristol Hotel. At the turn to the left in front of the chapel and the History club, where the Sverdlov street begins, go up it to houses No. 48-49, from which − turn left following the sign to the park. There is a large free car parking next to the mansion.

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