The list is based on a vote of 500 leading experts across the country. The best Russian wines were chosen by sommeliers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, investors, chefs, gourmets, restaurant critics, technologists and specialists from a wide range of businesses in the field of catering, production and distribution of food, drinks, equipment, goods and services, agriculture, gastro tourism and related sectors of the economy.

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Voting was held for three months − in December 2021 and January, February 2022.

The TOP-50 includes not only large brands, manufacturers and market leaders, but also small ones, including family farms and local production with the highest quality products from Crimea, the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories,

Volgograd and Rostov Regions, Dagestan and North Ossetia-Alania.

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So, the following Crimean producers are included in the rating of the best Russian wineries:

  • Winery of Oleg Repin, Lyubímovka village, Sevastopol (6th place);
  • UPPA Winery, Rodnóyeh village, Sevastopol (10th place);
  • Zolotáya Bálka, Balaklava, Sevastopol (14th place);
  • Satéra (Esse, Kacha Valley), Dolínnoyeh village, Kacha River valley, Bakhchisaray district (17th place);
  • Noviy Svet, Sudak (18th place);
  • Alma Valley, Vílino village, Bakhchisaray district (20th place);
  • Sólnechnaya Dolína, Solnechnaya Dolina village, Sudak (22nd place);
  • Valery Zakháryin, the village of Kocherginó, Bakhchisaray district (23rd place);
  • Peróvsky Estate, Lyubímovka village, Sevastopol (25th place);
  • Château Côtes de Saint Daniel, Danílovka village, Yalta (28th place);
  • Mriya, Opolznevóyeh village, Yalta (29th place);
  • Domaine Lipkó ('Trénzin Estate', Penpalo, Domaine Lipko), Khmelnitskoyeh village, Balaklava, Sevastopol; Karatau plateau, Alushta (32nd place);
  • Inkerman Vintage Wines Winery, Sevastopol (33rd place);
  • Massandra, Massandra town, Yalta (37th place);
  • Bogovich, Karatau plateau, Alushta (39th place);
  • Mangúp, Ternovsky municipal district, Sevastopol (41 seats);
  • Akchúrin Winery, Sevastopol (45th place);
  • Cock t'est Belle, Koktebel, Theodosia (46th place);
  • 'Two Hearts', Eupatoria (48th place);
  • Yaiyla, Sevastopol (50th place).

A complete list of the best Russian wineries can be found here.

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50 Best Tastes of Russia is a new project, it started in 2021. In fact, this is a guide to the best domestic food producers, as well as gastronomic tourism facilities and events.