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The minimum and average prices were taken as of the evening of August 23 for package tours for two with a departure on September 1-7, with a 10-night stay. The cost includes air travel, accommodation and meals (depending on the tour program).

So, according to the analysts, Crimea took 4th place in the rating of minimum prices: the cheapest tour there on these dates can be bought for 30,690 rubles (about $ 410), with breakfast. Compared to the end of August, the starting prices for Crimean holidays in early September decreased by 41%. The peninsula lost to Anapa, Sochi and Abkhazia. 

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"Beach tour packages in early September are more popular with couples, singles and young people. The majority of families with children, who go to kindergarten or school, mostly leave the beach resorts before September 1. This can be clearly seen in the statistics of the 1001 Tours network:  if among the applications of tourists who bought tours at the end of August, the share of tourists with children was 61%, then for departures on September 1-7 it is only 30%. In general, there are fewer tourists in a number of destinations at the very beginning of September, and prices react to this  almost always going downward," ATOR said. 

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In addition, analysts have compiled a rating of average prices for a quality beach leisure at popular resorts in early September (dates and times are the same), and there Crimea took first place: in a Koktebel boarding house you can relax for 42,759 rubles (about $ 568), with breakfast.