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Red Cave
According to statistics, tourists book most of all eco-houses for the summer on the seashore, river or lake. In such accommodation facilities, experts emphasize, it is easy to breathe, not hot, there is a water reservoir nearby, and besides, nothing like this can be found in Turkey or Egypt.

So, Eupatoria, Yalta and Theodosia are in the lead – they are the top three places. In Eupatoria − the popular family resort on the west coast − tourists book an average of 11 nights and are ready to spend 4,012 rubles ($ 53.5) per day.

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Girl in an open area of a cafe in Yalta
In Yalta − the resort capital of Crimea − travelers prefer to stay for 9 nights and pay 6,040 rubles ($ 80.5) per day for accommodation. Also, for 9 nights, on average, they book a vacation in the "God given" city of Theodosia, where the approximate cost of housing per day is 3,760 rubles ($ 50).

Yeysk, Anapa and Dolzhanskaya in the Krasnodar Territory, Lakhdenpokhya and Petrozavodsk in Karelia, Bannoyeh in Bashkiria and Ostashkov in the Tver Region are also in the TOP-10.

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