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The signing ceremony took place on Thursday on the margins of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. President of Russia Vladimir Putin took part in this event online, the press service of the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Crimea reported. 

President appreciated investment projects

Head of the State Vladimir Putin emphasized the importance of developing tourism and recreation infrastructure. He stressed that now in Russia special attention is paid to this, "including in such an extremely popular region for our citizens as Crimea."

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"On the margins of the Forum a number of agreements are being signed on the implementation of projects on the Crimean peninsula. I will name only two of them. One is between the government of the Republic and the Semeyniyeh Kurorty (Family Resorts) company about the construction of a new resort complex, in which 14 billion rubles will be invested (at least, as it is planned). And the second, between the government of Crimea and the Agrocomplex named after Nikolai Ivanovich Tkachev on the creation of a theme park and a resort hotel complex. The total volume of investments there is about 16 billion rubles," the President said.

Resort complex in Saki

In particular, a large-scale investment project of Alean Family Resort & SPA resort complex in Saki. The agreement on cooperation in the implementation of this investment project was signed on Thursday by the Head of the Republic Sergei Aksyonov and the director of Family Resorts LLC Ilya Umansky. 

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"A project for the construction of a multipurpose resort complex in Saki will be implemented: hotel rooms, leisure places. Around 1,500 jobs in total will be created under this project," Sergei Aksyonov said after the signing. 

The Head of the Republic added that investors are system players, well-known in the Russian market, who have experience in implementing other projects. 

Amusement park in Yalta

The first theme amusement park and resort hotel complex are planned to be built in Yalta. The letter of intent for the implementation of this investment project was signed by the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov and Alexander Tkachyov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the N.I. Tkachyov Agrocomplex, JSC.  

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"The same park as in Sochi will be built in the Yalta municipality. The land plot has already been determined. In fact, preparatory work is already underway there. About 16 billion rubles will be invested. There will be 1,200 jobs under this project. The total time for the implementation of the project is from three to five years," the Head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov commented. 

Tourist cluster in Chernomorskiy district

The construction of a tourist cluster is expected in the village of Olenyovka in the west of Crimea. It will include several cottage settlements, a sports and entertainment park, hotel and restaurant, and resort / residential complexes, the Crimea Development Corporation reports. The volume of investments will exceed 4.3 billion rubles at the start. 

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"The project provides for comprehensive development of the Olenyovsky rural settlement territory in the Chernomorskiy district of the Republic of Crimea. A large resort and residential complex will be built with the possibility of accommodating different categories of guests in an area with developed infrastructure. According to the project document, during the implementation thereof it is planned to create and develop an accessible tourist environment for people with disabilities, stimulate development of inclusive tourism (with ramps, elevators and relevant adaptation work to create a barrier-free environment)." 

The document specifies that along with the creation of the tourist cluster, it is planned to build cottage settlements: "Kurort Tarkhankut","Dzhangul", "Atlesh" and "Karadzha", the Mayak hotel and restaurant complex, a resort and residential complex on Cape Atlesh, as well as Extreme Crimea entertainment park.

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As reported, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum started on June 2 in the northern capital of Russia, in which a delegation of the Republic of Crimea takes part. The forum will last until June 5. It is attended by foreign delegations, including from the United States, Qatar, China. More than two thousand foreign guests are expected to visit the Forum.