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In total, during the vaccination, it is planned to vaccinate against coronavirus 4.6 thousand employees of health resorts and hotels, the press service of the Ministry of Resorts reports.

"We are trying to make vaccination as accessible as possible, including ensuring it is carried out at enterprises and in the immediate vicinity of accommodation facilities," the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea Vadim Volchenko pointed out. 

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In 2020 the health resort sector of the region gained extensive experience working under pandemic ― it was possible not only to urgently start work in a short time, but also to prevent outbreaks of morbidity in accommodation facilities either in high season or on the New Year's holidays. Now there is a positive trend in the region and a number of restrictions have already been removed, the Minister noted, though the preventive measures are still in force and must be observed.  

"As of today, all preventive measures are preserved in the industry, logs are kept for monitoring the temperature the personnel. Mask wearing and disinfection measures are still being maintained. Meanwhile, our task is to make the work of the resort sector employees as safe as possible and to provide safe stay and recreation for our guests. There has been a positive trend in the Republic, some restrictions have been lifted, but epidemiological risks still persist, it is important to continue to follow the preventive measures in order to preserve your health and your family and friends," Vadim Volchenko said. 

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He also added that the demand for Crimea among tourist remains high and an influx of guests is expected during the long spring holidays. Health resorts programs for recovery and rehabilitation after a coronavirus infection and programs for the prevention of diseases of the respiratory system are in demand. In a number of facilities the demand for them has increased by 1.5-2 times.