How to entertain yourself while staying at home? Embark on an art trip to Crimea! Museum complexes and temples of Melpomene in no way lose contact with connoisseurs of beauty: closing one door, they open the other − a virtual one.

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The Travel Portal of the Republic of Crimea has compiled a selection of the most interesting entertainments available to everyone online.

Alupka Palace and Park, Museum Reserve

Online tours of the Vorontsov and Massandra palaces are exposed in the Virtual Visit section on the official website of the museum. There are interesting lectures on various topics, and even master classes on drawing a portrait, making salty dough for modeling and creating postcards using the quilling technique.

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In addition, everyone is invited to take a virtual walk through the main attraction of the Vorontsov Palace − the unique old park, spread over an area of more than 30 hectares. The creator of this magnificence is the talented German gardener Karl Kebach.

Cimmeria of M.A. Voloshin – Historical and Cultural Memorial Museum Reserve 

The museum has presented a number of virtual exhibitions on its website. For example, "No Place More Beautiful in the World than Koktebel" exhibition was created as part of the "Koktebel − Cultural Mecca" cultural project, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the artist Mirel Shaginyan, whose life and work are inseparably linked with this town.

And the "Glory Will Chain You up to the Boulders of Your Own Creations" virtual exposition is dedicated to the anniversaries of the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, the Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni, the English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, the German poet Heinrich Heine and the Belgian writer Maurice Meterlink.

Crimean literary and art memorial museum reserve

Chekhov’s house-museum in Yalta, which is managed by the reserve, invites you to visit Anton Chekhov through Facebook or Instagram. In the near future a virtual multimedia Spring of the Art Theater exhibition, dedicated to the painting of the same name by Dmitry Zhilinsky will also be presented.

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The basis of the exhibition will be copies of unique documents and photographs exposing the captured characters. In total, the artist painted on canvas 43 figures of the "creators of spring" of the Art Theater, which allowed it to bloom in all its glory in Yalta during its first tour.

Bakhchisaray historical, cultural and archaeological museum reserve

At the moment, the museum’s official website presents two virtual exhibitions − the Assumption Monastery in Painting, Graphics and Photographs and the Magical World of Filigree.

The Holy Assumption Monastery, which is one of the most ancient temples of Crimea, is located in the historical part of Bakhchisaray, on the slope of the Maryam-Dereh gorge. The exposition consists of 15 works in the genre of fine art, as well as samples of postcards and photographs from the stock collection of the Bakhchisaray Museum.

"The magical world of filigree" shows jewelry of Crimean Tatar masters, made in the technique of openwork and background filigree, dated 18 — beginning 20 centuries. The exhibition presents decoration for head, neck, breast, waist, and for hands.

Sevastopol Military History Museum Reserve 

The museum launched on its YouTube channel a series of online meetings called "Pages of History". So, the first meetings were devoted to the creation and activities of Sevastopol and Balaklava partisan detachments during the defense period of 1941-1942, to the icon of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker (which is stored in the Defensive Tower of the Kornilov Bastion) and to Peter Koshevoi, the twice Hero of the Soviet Union, participant in the liberation of Sevastopol in May 1944.

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Available for everyone and a video tour of the panorama "Defense of Sevastopol 1854-1855". At the same time, the headings "Museum funds tell" and "Victory faces" are regularly maintained in social networks.

Tauric Chersonesos Museum Preserve

Every day from 12:00 to 01:00 p.m., within the framework of the Chersonesos online project, video excursions to the landmark monuments of the ancient town archaeological site and documentaries from the Secrets of Khersones cycle are published on social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki).

Additionally, 3D-panoramas of Antique and Byzantine expositions were posted on the museum’s official website, exposing more than 6 thousand exhibits. And you can learn more about them thanks to daily thematic publications in social networks. 

Sudak Fortress Museum Reserve 

The museum has begun publishing a series of mini-video tours of the Sudak fortress and exhibitions of the Historical Museum (former mansion of scientist Joachim Funk). You can take virtual tours on the museum’s official website and on social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki.

So, today visitors can get acquainted with the legends and fascinating facts of the Sudak fortress, "walk through" the exhibition "Lovely Little Things", watch a video clip devoted to the famous scientist and local historian Yuri Polkanov.

Simferopol Art Museum 

You can visit the museum online using the ARTEFACT and izi.TRAVEL resources. The first was developed relatively recently − following the results of a competition held by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation within the framework of the Digital Culture federal project. The Simferopol Museum was among the winners.

Thanks to this application, you can find out interesting facts about a particular work of art by clicking on the interactive points, read a detailed article about any exhibit, and listen to a brief presentation in the audio guide.  The multimedia guide ARTEFACT includes 34 paintings from the permanent exhibition of the museum. The izi.TRAVEL resource works similarly − 29 exhibits with a voiced history are available by now.

State Academic Musical Theater of the Republic of Crimea

The theater launched the Virtual Auditorium project.  Video recordings of performances from the theater’s golden archive are posted on social networks (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Facebook) and announced in advance. So, in the near future the Love and Sardines, or Spectators are not Allowed to Attend comedy, the Vain Precautions ballet, the Donna Lucia, or Hi, I'm Your Auntie! musical comedy will be presented.

Crimean State Youth Theater

Eupatoria Youth Theater shows online versions of its performances, videos about how those versions were created, Studio 22 releases − its own theater show and much more on its YouTube channel. Schedule of the online presentations were published in social networks (VKontakte, Facebook).  For example, it is planned to show The Nutcracker, The Cherry Orchard VS Pinocchio, Fedora, Cinderella, The Singing Pig, and Peter Pan performances.

Sevastopol A. Lunacharsky Academic Russian Drama Theater

The theater launched the Contemplation online project, which pleases the audience with their favorite performances and popular theater festivals. The poster is published on the theater website. A link to the online broadcast can be found on the day of the show, and on the website and in the social networks VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook. There is also a platform for discussion of the performances.

Sevastopol Youth Theater

The theater opened a virtual theater family studio: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday live Instagram teachers of the children's theater studio talk about the basics of acting. And every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday in the theater’s social networks there are videos of the past broadcasts.

And what about good reading?

According to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea, the Taurida Digital Library has opened free access to unique electronic collections of the rare books of the Franko Crimean Republican Universal Scientific Library, the Gasprinsky Republican Crimean Tatar Library, Pushkin Eupatoria Central City Library, Yalta Chekhov Central City Library, and the Grin Central City Library.