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Crimean accommodation facilities stopped booking and receiving tourists until June 1. All managers are warned of administrative responsibility for failure to comply with the decree of the head of the Republic, the press service of the Ministry of Health of the region reported.

"On March 28-29, representatives of the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism inspected 95 accommodation facilities in resort towns and villages of Crimea, 100% of all hotels, resorts, boarding houses and hotels owners/managers received emergency warnings by telephone. All of themexecute preventive and protective measures;the revealed discrepanciesare being urgentlycorrected. We continue monitoring on a daily basis", — said Vadim Volchenko, Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea.

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He urged Crimeans to report all related problems to the situation center of the Ministry of Resorts of the Republic of Crimea by phone at 8(800)5118018, to the ministry’s contacts on social networks or directly contact the police at 112.

"I especially address the owners of mini-hotels, guest apartments, guest houses and private apartment owners− the time of social responsibility has come for everyone. If, God save, you accommodate sick people, you will put yourself, your relatives and your neighbors at serious risk. Municipalities have been instructed to check all accommodation facilities and apartmentstorent". 

The Head of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, made an absolutely clearstatementthat "the harder and more strictly we pass through the period of restriction and self-isolation, the faster it all will end. It depends on all of us. Be healthy and take care of yourself", — the minister said.

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He added that Crimeans and guests of the peninsula are urged to limit their trips in the near future, including those for tourism and recreation purposes. A ban has been introduced on visiting forests and driving there in cars for a period of 21 days.

At the same time, the Minister noted that the Crimean government is developing concrete measures to support the tourism industry.