The group includes film director and producer Christos Rallis, historian Nikolaos Alexandros Isihos and deputy chairman of the Friends of Crimea international association Konstantinos Iraklis Isihos. Their plans are to begin work on the ‘Greeks of the Black Sea Region’ international project.

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"Crimea is a pearl of the whole world, which has absorbed so many cultures, languages and beauty of the Hellenistic world! Crimea really becomes that pearl that could connect Russia with the Mediterranean", — Konstantinos Isihos said at a press conference in Simferopol.

The guests from Greece plan to make a film on the peninsula about excavations of ancient settlements, capture the life of the Crimeans, and tell about the close relationship between the Greek and Russian peoples. They jokingly call the planned film project "The second voyage of Argonauts".

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"The main story of the film is to go on a voyage that our ancestors − the Argonauts (Argo sailors, as translated from ancient Greek) – once undertook and to make this wonderful journey again to reach Crimea for the second time in human history", — said Rallis.

The Tavrida-film television company will assist in the organization of filming, and co-funding will be provided by the Odyssey Foundation for the Promotion of Science, Culture and Cinema. Nikolaos Alexandros writes the script. He had already decided to come to the peninsula once again for excavations with Crimean colleagues in Chersoneses, Kerch and Theodosia.

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The authors of the project plan to present the film in Greece, Crimea, the USA and Europe.