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Crimea made a very good impression on the members of the Czech delegation. As Joseph Skala emphasized, the Czechs like to travel to the peninsula, but now it’s hard due to the lack of direct flights.

"For Czechs Crimea is a tourist paradise; it is the Riviera of the East. But logistics is still expensive and complicated. And it seems to me that if any airline or company organizes tour packages and arranges charter flights so that people could fly from Prague to Moscow and then on a charter flight to Simferopol, then we will be able establish a tourist flow", — said Josef Skala.

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Republican authorities are also in favor of establishing communications. As the Minister of Resorts and Tourism Vadim Volchenko emphasized, guests are welcome and we are always ready to assist during a visit to the peninsula.

"Everything related to the transport logistics, reception and removal of any visa barriers, we will take care. There are tour operators for charter flights who are ready to arrange flights if the tourist flow is systematically established", — Volchenko said.

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The guests from Czechia also noted the investment attractiveness of Crimea. "It is very picturesque here, beautiful mountains and excellent beaches. It is felt that everything is stable in the region, people are open and calm, the girls are very beautiful, — Mikhailo Tyasco, a member of the state chamber of the city of Usti-nad-Labem, who also deals with brewing and hotel business, shared his impressions. − We take home our thoughts and suggestions, we will discuss them with colleagues.  We will consider feasibility of Czech brewery and hotels projects".

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In his turn, Volchenko noted that investments in the tourism sector are very profitable and Crimea is interested in this.

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"In the high season months we have hotel and guest houses occupancy rate up to 100%. We are interested in renovation and reconstruction of existing resorts and hotels. We believe that 4-5, or better 10-20,000 guest rooms will change the economic situation as a whole, attract additional business. Due to competition, this will reduce prices and increase the efficiency of related business, that is − excursions, transport, cafés and restaurants will work more efficiently", — Volchenko added.