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View of the Crimean coast
And then in the summer or in the velvet season, depending on the offer of an accommodation facility, they safely come to recreate, and even get a good discount for it.

According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), a number of companies of the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea account for the volume of summer tours sales during this early booking campaign which is several times higher than pre-pandemic figures. And this has already become a trend: last year, ATOR experts spoke about a threefold increase in demand for summer vacations in Crimea, and, for example, by the end of March, in some most popular hotels in the region, all guest rooms were already sold out on certain dates.

"As part of the early booking campaign, we recorded an increase in demand for tours to Crimea by 31% compared to the same period in 2021. The South Coast and the West Coast are traditionally in high demand. And Alean rests its hopes on them this year, expanding the list of exclusive partner hotels and the general range of offers," Oksana Bulakh, commercial director of the Alean National Tour Operator, told Travel Crimea Portal.

What the hotels offer

So, at the Mriya Resort & SPA five-star resort complex (Yalta) they offer to book 9 nights summer accommodation from June 1 to August 28 with a 30% benefit. According to the press service of the hotel, the Hot Summer promotion was launched in December (it will continue until March 1), and during this time over 70 bookings were made for more than 800 nights.

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"When a stay of 10 days or more is booked, a basic wellness program in our medical center will be included. To take part in the program, you must have a health resort card, which will contain all the necessary information about the patient: diagnosis, recommendations for examinations and contraindications for treatment," the press service of the resort emphasized.

It should be noted that the South Coast has a truly unique set of climatic factors: the sea, the mountain range, relict plants and trees that emit specific substances − phytoncides. The combination of these factors gives an amazing healing effect. Therefore, it is not surprising that the majority of vacationers prefer the South Coast.

At the premium-class Foros Wellnes & Park (Foros) resort they are also sure that the occupancy under the early booking promotion will traditionally be maximum. There they offer to book a room before March 1 and get a 10% discount on accommodation from May to September. The promotion applies to all categories of rooms with Healthy BB (breakfast only) and Healthy FB (three meals a day on the buffet).

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Crimean Mountains in Winter
As the head of the advertising and marketing department, Irina Startseva, explained, that there are two types of tariffs in the health resort: The Health Resort and Health Improving. The Health Resort, in addition to basic services, includes a basic medicinal treatment program for adults and children, and the Health Improving tariff includes climate therapy.

As for the Porto Mare family park-hotel in Alushta, it offers accommodation with an early booking promotion with a 15% discount. And if the guest makes a 100% prepayment for the stay, he will receive an additional 5% discount.

"Our goal is involve our guests in our loyalty programs as much as possible. We give them the opportunity to receive additional discounts: for accommodation, medical and spa services. We provide a free transfer for the guests of certain degree of involvement. Discounts are provided if, for example, the guest chooses long stay (from 14 days or more) or for large families. By the way, since we are a family hotel, we first of all invite parents with children on vacation, for whom we provide all the amenities: from baby carriage and changing tables, to baby food. That is, families can come to us with minimum luggage and not spend money on transporting all necessary things," said Irina Zeleneva, head of the hotel’s sales department, to the Travel Crimea Portal.

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View of the Belyaus Spit
Every month, various promotional offers with wellness procedures are offered by the Neumyvakin Crimean Health Center in Alushta. According to the sales department, guests, who booked the resort in December for January and February, are now recreating and recovering at 2021 prices. In addition, there is the Hot Price promotion to reduce the price by 15% in February, and by 10% in March. Additionally, there is the Stop Price promotion, for which you can book any month of the year, including summer, at the price of February (10% discount). Early Booking discount of up to 20% will last until the end of April for resort holidays without medicinal treatment.

"In general, health improvement with a 6 months early booking is offered at a 20% discount. Compared to 2021, we managed to keep the level of occupancy due to the fact that we are updating the equipment and medical facilities, improving the service − our specialists are constantly being trained. We see great interest in wellness services, when relax is combined with health benefits and significantly affects the quality and length of life," the center’s sales department informed.

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Mud treatment
If we take the West Coast, which, according to Alean tour operator, is the second most popular place after the South Coast, then the local resorts also have something to make the guests interested.

Take the world-renowned balneological and mud resort of Saki.

Thus, at the Sakropol health resort an additional 5% discount is added for the early booking promotion for regular guests. As the Sakropol press service explained, the total discount that a regular guest can receive at the early booking is 20%. The promotion is valid until April 15th.