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For convenience, we grouped the resorts and hotels by region and added duration of the tours. Programs are offered by hotels and health resorts of different price categories in Yalta, Alushta, Eupatoria, Saki, Kerch. The cost of recovery with full board and treatment in the "quiet" season − until April − starts from 2 thousand rubles (about $ 27) for a person per day.

Health improvement all year round

47 Crimean health resorts have developed their rehabilitation programs after recovery from Covid-19. More than 20 of them work year-round. Even at the beginning of the pandemic, the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea recommended that hotels and resorts develop such programs in consultation with the research institutions:  I.M. Sechenov Research Institute, Research Institute of Children's Balneology, Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation, S.I. Georgievsky Medical Academy, V.I. Vernadskiy Crimean Federal University. It is especially important that the developed programs and health-improving procedures are applied in combination with climatotherapy. Crimea has historically been a region favorable for the treatment of respiratory diseases first of all.

"Crimea is a territory of health, a territory of safety. There are all opportunities for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, a unique climate and Crimean hospitality. And all this together gives us a high demand for rehabilitation programs, after recovery from Covid-19, in particular. The trend for health improvement and treatment in Crimea has continued this year and is actively promoted by hoteliers," the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea Vadim Volchenko said.

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By the way, now the Russians can get a double benefit: both improve their health and return part of the money for vacations under the Rostourism tourist cashback program, which started on January 18. Tourists will be able to book a tour until April 12, and the booking date may be any within the period from the first day of sales through April 30 inclusive. Besides this, many health resorts offer promotions during the off-season with significant price reductions. In addition, some health resorts offer the opportunity to undergo the treatment without accommodation on their premises.

List of hotels and health resorts providing year-round rehabilitation services after recovery from Covid-19*:


  • Foros Wellness&Park Health Resort (Yalta, Foros, 1 Forosskiy Spusk St.). The program of rehabilitation: from 10 days. You can learn about the complex of procedures, calculate the cost and book a tour here.
  • Belarus Health Resort (Yalta, Koreïz town, 2 Miskhorskiy Spusk St.). The duration of the program: from 12 days. It is designed for children from 4 years old and adults. The program can be found on the website.
  • Kirov Health Resort (Yalta, 39 Kirov St.). It offers the Covid-End program starting from 14 days. More information about the conditions and treatment can be found at the link.
  • Mriya Resort & SPA complex (Yalta, Opolznevoyeh village, 9 General Ostryakova St.). Program: from 10 days for adults. More details on the site.
  • Sosnovaya Roshcha (pine grove) Health Resort (Yalta, Gaspra town, 21 Alupka shosseh St., building 5). Program: from 9 days for adults. All details can be found here.
  • Ai-Petri Health Resort (Yalta, Koreïz town, 15 Alupka shosseh St.). Program: from 14 days for adults. More details can be found on the website.
  • Dülber Health Resort (Yalta, Koreïz town, 19 Alupka shosseh St.). The recovery program is designed for 14 days. The terms and conditions can be found on the website.
  • Yuzhnoberezhniy Health Resort (Greater Yalta, Alupka town, 29 Lenin St.). The minimum program is 5 days. More details at the link.
  • The Rossia Health Resort (Eupatoria, 2/27 I. Franko St.). The program of rehabilitation: from 14 days. All details can be found here.
  • Nizhyaya Oreanda (lower Oreanda) Health Resort (Yalta, 12 Oreanda town). The AntiCovid − Easy Breathing program: from 10 days for adults and children from five years old. Read more here.
  • A.I. Sechenov Academic Research Institute of Physical Methods of Treatment, Medical Climatology and Rehabilitation (Yalta, 10/3 Mukhina St.). The minimum program is from 10 days. You can read about the services here.
  • Palmira Palace Resort & Spa Hotel (Yalta, Kurpaty, 12a Alupka shosseh St., building 1). Rehabilitation program after recovery from Сovid-19:  from 7 days for adults. More information can be found here.
  • Gurzufskiy Health Resort (Yalta, Gurzuf town, 10 Leningradskaya St.). The program is 14 days for adults. More information about procedures and conditions here.


  • Porto Mare Park-hotel (Alushta, 20/2 Perekopskaya St.). The program: from 10 days for adults and children from three years. Learn more about the terms and conditions of the program here.
  • More Spa & Resort Hotel (Alushta, 25 Naberezhnaya St.). The duration of the program is 7 days. You can find out the conditions and opportunities on the website.
  • Ayvazovskoyeh Health Resort (Alushta, Parthenit town, 1a Vasilchenko St.). Rehabilitation program: from 6 days. The program is designed for adults and children from the age of four. Details can be found on the website.
  • Slavutich Health Resort (Alushta, 20 Krasnoarmeyskaya St.; Alushta, 66a Krasnoarmeyskaya St.). The minimum program is 7 days. You can check the information here.
  • Neumyvakin Crimean Health Center (Alushta, Malorechenskoyeh village, 18 Vinogradnaya St.). The 6-day program. All details can be found on the website.


  • Ozero Snovideniy (lake of night dreams) Boarding House (Eupatoria, 27 I. Franko St.). The 14-day program for adults and children over 6 years old. You can find out the conditions and working hours of the sanatorium on the website.


  • Poltava Health Resort (Saki, 8 Morskaya St.). The 12-day Easy Breathing program. You can view the offer here.
  • Sakropol Health Resort (Saki, 14 Kurortnaya St.). The 21-day program. All details are available at the link.
  • N.I. Pirogov Saki Military Clinical Health Resort (Saki, 2 Kurortnaya St.). The 21-day program. Course opportunities can be found on the website.
  • Saki Health Resort (Saki, 4e Kurortnaya St.). The 21-day program. You can find the terms and conditions of the program on the website.


  • Moscow-Crimea Health Resort (Kerch, 18 Moskovskaya St.). The 5-day rehabilitation program. Read more here.

* Look for the working hours and the list of documents required upon check-in on the websites of the hotels and resorts you are interested in or by calling the numbers shown in the contact information.