We invite you to make a "journey" into the past − with the help of a 3D tour.

The virtual tour is provided by the East Crimean Museum and Reserve and is published as part of the 'Crimea in 3D' project. Thanks to the interactive mode and 360° format, you can view the expositions in detail without leaving your home.

Most of the places that are part of the East Crimean Museum and Reserve are available for viewing. Each of them is presented in several panoramas. There are more than 150 of them in total.

The Adzhimushkay quarries, the Kerch fortress and the museum of the history of the Eltighen landing will tell you about the military glory of the Hero City of Kerch. Melek-Chesmenskiy and Tsarskiy (king's) burial mounds, as well as the remains of the ancient settlements of Panticapaeum, Nymphaeum, Tiritaka, Mirmekiy, Ilurat, Artezian and the Polyanka settlement will tell about ancient history, including the era of the Bosporan kingdom. In addition, virtual tours of the Historical and Archaeological Museum, the lapidarium, the art gallery and the Turkish Yeni-Kale fortress are available for virtual tour (at the moment the fortress actually does not receive visitors).

On the left side of the player there is a menu where you can select the place you want to watch, switch between them and scroll through the panoramas. Use the mouse to scroll the image, rotate it right, left, up and down, and zoom in and out.

At the bottom of the player there is a control panel with buttons that allow you to zoom in and out, as well as enable viewing in full screen mode − expand to full screen of the monitor. During the "walk" in some places you will be accompanied by background music, if you wish, you can turn it off − the corresponding button is also on the panel.

In addition, at the top of the player there is a menu with information about the Reserve, its contacts and a photo gallery.