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The most popular winter playgrounds for locals and tourists are Ai-Petri plateau, Angarsk pass and Chatyr-Dag mountain. But these are not all places where you can actively recreate. In snowy winters, the foothills of the peninsula are well snow-clad, and there is an opportunity for snow entertainment on the Grushevsky pass, in the valley of the Red Caves, as well as in the villages of Sokolinoyeh, Mnogorechyeh and Vysokoyeh in Bakhchisarai district.

In connection with the possible road difficulties in the mountains, we recommend to follow the information about the road situation in the place chosen for recreation.

Ai-Petri plateau 

The place where tourists can plunge in winter sports and games is on the plateau of Mount Ai-Petri. This is one of the few places on the peninsula where the snow cover lays almost until spring. Moreover, its thickness in some shallow gullies can reach a meter. In short, this is the most popular place for skiers and snowboarders.

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Girl on Ai-Petri
What is important, Ai-Petri plateau has not only a suitable relief, climate and stunning views, but also a convenient infrastructure. There you can borrow equipment from rental shops, rent a room for overnight stay and have a bite in numerous cafes just a little lower of the plateau.

Winter rest on Ai-Petri
How to get there

There are several ways to get to the Ai-Petri plateau. You can go up by car from Yalta or from Bakhchisarai, in both cases it is a winding mountain road with stunning views. However, it is preferable to drive from Yalta, since the roadway from the village of Sokolinoe (Bakhchisarai district) is under repair and difficulties may arise. To drive up to the plateau in winter, a four-wheel drive car is needed with winter tires or chains.

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If you are without a car — do not be upset. You can get to the very "heart" of the Ai-Petri plateau by cable car from Miskhor. The length of the route is about 3 km, travel time is 15 minutes. A bonus of this way of travel will be stunning views of the South Coast of Crimea. Impressions guaranteed.  

Angarski Pass

This is one of the most popular winter holiday destinations for both tourists and locals. And a significant part of its popularity is its convenient location — a highway between Simferopol and Alushta goes via the Angarski pass.

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The relief there is suitable for all kinds of skiing, but most often on the slopes you can meet fans of sledges, "plates" and tubing. By the way, you can rent various riding gears here. The nearest slopes are chosen by parents with children. As for expeiensed ski and snowboarding sportsmen, as a rule, they climb higher those popular places to make exciting descents along longer slopes. So everyone can find an entertainment to one's liking there.

Tourists at the Angarsk Pass

How o get there

It is very easy to get to the Angarski Pass: via the village of Perevalnoye, 35 kilometers from Simferopol and 12 kilometers from Alushta. You can get there by any public transport: intercity trolleybuses, buses, minibuses from Simferopol, Yalta or Alushta.

Heights of Chatyr-Dag

Only real connoisseurs of winter extreme who are not looking for easy ways go there. Actually, the slopes, good for skiing, and prepared ski-tracks are quite far away from the highway. Going up snowy mountain slopes is not an easy task for every adult, to say nothing of children. But those, who have overcome this trial, will have a generous reward in the form of amazing nature and fabulous views.

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By the way, there is almost as much snow on the slopes of Chatyr-Dag as on the Ai-Petri plateau. And if you plan to look for winter fun there, take along hot tea, snacks and the necessary equipment  — there is nowhere to find them.

Snowboarder in the mountains
How to get there

As we said, this is the most difficult of the popular winter sports ground. You can get to Chatyr-Dag from the Angarski pass, which is on the Simferopol — Alushta highway. From the pass you have to continue on foot up the mountain path towards the Angar-Burun peak.

Rescue service advise 

To make the recreation not only vivid and interesting, but safe as well, Crimean rescuers recommend adhering to a few simple rules:

  • Choose the right clothes — warm sports clothes and shoes with non-slip soles will do. 
  • Use protective equipment (knee and elbow cups, helmets) to prevent injury from falls and collisions. 
  • Chose convenient and tested slopes.
  • Do not use motor vehicles to tow your tubes or sledges. 
  • Wait in queue and keep intervals of sliding down to avoid collision and injuring each other. 
  • And mind:  do not drink and ride — it is strictly forbidden. 

Observing these simple rules, you will protect yourself and those around you from possible injuries and get the most pleasant experience from your winter vacation.