We are talking about a unique tourism project from the Union of Writers of the Republic of Crimea and how to participate in it.

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The Tourist Yard is part of the 'Chekhov's Autumn in Taurida' − international humanitarian project.  An international literary festival, a boarding house for development of talents and a humanitarian club work under the auspices of this project. The main thing that unites them all, the organizers emphasize, is the popularization of Russian culture in general and the cultural heritage of Crimea in particular.

"This is especially true now, during the period of Russophobic sentiments prevailing in the West," says Andrey Chernov, project leader. "Therefore, we are primarily aimed at creating a favorable image of Russia abroad, involving the international literary community in the literary cluster of our country.  We are supported by the professional writing community, regional and federal authorities."

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Anyone who is fascinated by poetry, writing and acting can become a member of the Chekhov's Autumn in Taurida − Tourist Yard.  The organizers offer transfer of the creative team to Crimea by a comfortable bus.  For the present, departures from Moscow are a priority.

The entire creative tour is designed for 12 days.  All this time, tourists will stay in one of the health resorts on the South Coast of Crimea, being inspired by the picturesque views that Anton Chekhov himself once admired.

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The Union of Writers of Crimea informed that the tours are designed for both beginners and professionals who want to show their talents in the following categories:  acting, 'Chekhov's etiquette', the art of speech, melodeclamation, creative improvisation, academic vocals, pop/jazz vocals, piano, solfeggio, versification, writing prose texts, teaching style, etc.

In all of the above categories the organizers are ready to offer for the most gifted participants an express course with interactive and creative tasks. For foreign tourists especially, classes will be delivered with the help of an interpreter.

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Besides, the Tourist Yard program includes thematic parties based on the works of Chekhov and other Russian classics, dance fashion evenings with invited stylists to create relevant images, thematic exhibitions, various land and sea promenades.

At the same time, the tour participants will be shown popular attractions not only of the South Coast.

"The Swallow's Nest and the Bakhchisaray Palace, the oyster farm and the Taigan safari park, the Chekhov House Museum in Yalta and the Imperial Palace in Massandra − this is not a complete list of places that will charge tourists with positive energy for many years to come. The peculiarities of the geographical location of historical monuments let to see the main artifacts of Taurida and broaden the knowledge within 12 days," Andrey Chernov added.

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At the end of an exciting creative journey to Crimea, the Chekhov scholars will receive many bonuses:  from an international certificate, confirming the completion of training, to exclusive gifts and a letter of recommendation for participation in the Chekhov's Autumn international literary festival.

Applications for participation in the tour should be submitted to the e-mail address pisatel@brega-crimea.ru. All questions can be asked at +7 978 805-30-21.

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