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Main trends: development of tourism in Crimea discussed in Moscow
"The season was a success, especially compared to 2020. According to a preliminary estimate of our analytical service, more than 20 million trips were made to the mass summer destinations within the country. We talk about trips, not tourists, since some tourists made multiple trips to sea resorts during the season. By mass destinations I mean primarily the Krasnodar Territory, Crimea and Kaliningrad. These are the three regions that offer classic beach holidays and which are by far the most popular in the 2021 season," Maya Lomidze said.

She also named the main trend, which formed in the previous year and is finally consolidated in this, is the period of sales. That is, tourists were uncertain to book a vacation in advance (either the destinations will close or they themselves will get sick), because "money back’" is not the most popular tactic in tourism. 

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"The 2021 high season showed the impossibility of some kind of strategic planning in the tourism market, all sales are made at the last moment, that is, not later than 3-4 weeks. At the same time, tourists try to protect themselves as much as possible from any unpleasant surprises," the head of ATOR emphasized.

She added that the cost of recreation in the economy segment in Russia is cheaper than abroad − by 15-20%, but in the middle and premium segments, on the contrary, recreation is slightly more expensive. According to her, the average price for vacations in mass destinations varies from 50 to 70 thousand rubles (about $ 675-945), flight cost included.