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The Crimean military and historical festival will be held in Sevastopol for the seventh time. This year it will take place on September 4-6 and will be dedicated to the opening of the Fedyukhiny Heights Live History Park. The event will reflect all the main historical eras of the Crimean peninsula. In total, there are 10 sites that will cover 8 periods of the Crimean history, the organizers wrote on Facebook.

Thus, at the festival it will be possible to visit the Ancient Rome site where trainings of legionnaires, gladiator fights, craft workshops and board games will be shown. And especially for girls, there will be secrets of beauty and cooking of Roman matrons. At the Antique Taurika site the life and crafts of nomads (Scythians and Sarmatians) will be presented. Equestrian stunt shows and warrior competitions will also be shown there.

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The Medieval Rus site will acquaint the guests with the culture, traditions, crafts and warrior skills of that period, and offer a playground. Loco Cimbali will help you immerse in the world of the Genoese. This location is a 15th century settlement − a city of Italian artisans. Here you will be able to learn the dances, music, games and cuisine of medieval Italy. 

Camp of mercenaries − austere and brave medieval knights − will be located near the peaceful settlement. They will fight in a tournament, talk about their weapons and teach military skills everyone who wants.

At the same time, the Crimean War location will represent the Anglo-French siege camp and the Sevastopol fortifications.  Here visitors will see pyrotechnic shows, exhibitions of weapons, get acquainted with the leisure and entertainment of the British, French and Russian military, and learn everything about the then artillery.

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One of the historical sites will also be dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. It will host an exhibition of weapons and equipment, the field positions of the Wehrmacht and the Soviet Army. The reenactors who will immerse themselves in this period will also arrange a large-scale reconstruction of the battle of Sevastopol in 1944.

The Cold War site will host motorized infantry, armored and machine-gun units. A large exposition of weapons and uniforms will also be presented. And the paratroopers will arrange their training sessions.  

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At the same time, the War in Afghanistan site will include an equipped outpost, an Afghan village with an exposition of weapons, and a combat engineer training ground. Every day there will be an Attack at the Outpost performance. 

In addition, there is a location named Children's Historical Playgrounds, where young guests of the festival will be able to visit a medieval university and go through an archaeological quest.