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Crimean Mountains in Winter
Therefore, you can feel the contrast, for example, looking from a snow-covered mountain to the evergreen coast. And you can also improve your health, grow culturally and help yourself to gastronomic delights.

We have compiled a list of things that, in our opinion, should be on the list of a tourist who wants a winter vacation on the peninsula to be useful and memorable for a long time. So, 10 things that you definitely need to do in Crimea in winter.

1. Give a treat to your body and soul in a spa. Winter in Crimea is the season of health. For those who want to improve their health, there are hundreds of health resorts that offer a variety of programs for disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. But you should go there only with a specific diagnosis and profile. If you need a general improvement and strengthening of the body, then you can choose a hotel or boarding house. Many of these facilities offer guests various preventive procedures:  mud and balneotherapy, thalasso, hydro and phytotherapy, all kinds of baths, massages and much more. Read all about the Crimean recreational opportunities.  

2. Get enough of the healing air while walking along the seaside promenade. It could be Yalta, Alushta, Eupatoria, Theodosia, Sevastopol… A leisurely walk along the sea shore lifts your spirits:  there you will find the splashing of waves, beautiful nature, and cozy cafes (if you suddenly want some warmth). By the way, the sea in Crimea smells in a special way in winter − the salty notes of healing iodine are sharper and better felt. So breathe deeply! A guide to the Crimean seaside promenades is available here.

3. Take a selfie on Ai-Petri… or another snow-covered mountain (Demerdzhi, Chatyr-Dag, etc.). In winter the Crimean heights are usually covered with a white blanket and look amazing. But this magical period does not last long, so it is worth catching it. And if there is no snow on the coast at the moment, you can appreciate the summer/winter contrast of the evergreen South Coast, standing on the white height of Ai-Petri or Demerdzhi.

4. Take a ski walk or snowmobile safari. Perhaps the most popular place for such winter fun is Ai-Petri plateau. It is the most suitable for those wishing to ski:  there are slopes, lifts and equipment rentals. You can also rent a snowmobile on Ai-Petri. In addition, outdoor enthusiasts go to Chatyr-Dag and the Angarskiy pass. There you can also go skiing, sledging, tubing and snowboarding. Most importantly, during such entertainment, do not forget about safety.

5. Soar in the sky on a paraglider or with a parachute. From a bird's eye view, you will see the vast and breathtaking Crimean landscapes. You can go paragliding or skydiving on your own or in tandem with an instructor. This can be done, for example, in the vicinity of Theodosia, Sevastopol or on Ai-Petri. 

6. Go on a gastronomic journey. The cuisine in Crimea has absorbed all the variety of culinary traditions of the peoples living in it. And today gastro tourism is developing there at a rapid pace. Guests are offered exclusive tours, during which they can not only taste delicious dishes, but also spend time in an unusual way. Cheese dairies are of particular interest. They offer to taste author's cheeses. They can serve them with honey, confiture and delicious tea. You can also make an independent gastronomic journey by visiting authentic restaurants and tasting the ethnic cuisine dishes. They are practically in all Crimean cities. 

7. Warm up with wine at a famous winery. Crimean wineries, both well-known and new wine farms, offer guests excursions with their best wines and exclusive drinks tastings. You will learn the history of the winery and the process of wine-making, go down to the cellars where thousands of cherished bottles are stored, and be sure to visit the atmospheric tasting room, where you will be served a glass with a warming bouquet of taste and aroma.  

8. Visit at least one world-famous palace or museum. Winter is the perfect time for this. The tour is worth going with family or friends. Together you can appreciate the architecture of famous palaces, walk through their ancient halls and corridors, touch the history of ancient Chersonese, learn a lot of new things in art, local history and literary museums. And if you want something unusual, go to an unusual museum or park. There are also quite a lot of such places in Crimea. They invite guests to spend time cheerfully and playfully. Some of them are also interactive. For example, in Simferopol you can take part in a scientific experiment, in Sevastopol you can plunge into Soviet-time childhood and learn everything about ice cream and Indians, in Eupatoria you can take a selfie with an alien, learn the secrets of pirates and hear the roar of a dinosaur, in the South Coast and in Byelogorsk watch crocodiles and predatory wild cats…

9. Find spring in the midst of winter. Yes, yes! Crimea is unique in that and even in the snowiest period there are green and flowering inland islands there. A striking example of this is the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. It pleases visitors all year round with blooms and blossoms. In winter Mume apricot, magonia, cryptomeria, winterflower, roses and other plants are fragrant here. Snowdrops also bloom in the garden clearings. These early blooms are also found in other Crimean places. And of course, they can be found in the mountains.  

10. Capture the character of nature on a "digicam". In winter the sea in Crimea is not always calm, it storms, rages and washes the shore strip with cold waves. The sight is mesmerizing! The beauty and power of the nature cannot be described in words, it must be seen with your own eyes. But the main thing is to remember about safety:  do not come close to storming water. Crimean sunsets are no less impressive. In winter they blast the sky with rich colors, play with incredible shades, disperse in all sorts of gradients. The most beautiful sunsets can be "caught" on the seashore, somewhere in a picturesque bay.  

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Going to Crimea in winter, be sure to take a camera with you − to capture what you see. Believe me, you will then review the pictures more than once and recall the place and time again and again.