An unusual spectacle is a concert of the chamber orchestra of the Crimean State Philharmonic Society in the Marble Cave. Every time this event – 'Sonic Fusion 2' − strikes the imagination of the listeners, excites and inspires. The sounds of violin and violoncello fill the hall of the Pearl Lakes and genetate melodies familiar to millions − hot rock hits and immortal classical compositions.

Here, at a depth of 63 meters underground, the orchestra has been performing for five years. And every season, the audience enthusiastically accepts the artists:  at each of their performances the underground hall is full. By the way, this year the program was revised (that's why the number '2' appeared in the name of the concert). However, its essence remained the same − a mesmerizing mixture of classics and rock.

We visited one of the concerts in the Marble Cave − we are ready to show you right away an excerpt from this extraordinary event. Enjoy the video.