Wide sandy beaches and shallow seabed, smoothly stretching into the sea, are among the main values of Saki in high season. Of course, this oldest resort in our country gained its popularity thanks to its healing mud, but summer attracts tourists with its beaches — soft, comfortable, cozy, boundless. There is plenty of space for children, even the smallest.

On the Saki coast you can not only sunbathe and swim, but also spend time actively. For example, ride a jet ski and play volleyball right on the beach. And all this with the blue horizon and the sea in the background − an azure shade closer to the shore and deep blue in the skyline.

By the way, the summer Saki have one more "hook" − the unique and healing lake Sasyk-Sivash. It attracts fans of fantastic pictures due to its color. And it may be different: pink, scarlet, red and even lilac and purple. Summer holidays in Saki and the bright colors that nature splashed here see in our video.