Crimean-Ukrainian rail traffic was terminated in 2014, but trains continue to operate around the peninsula. Rail traffic between Crimea and mainland Russia will be launched in 2019 after the rail section of the Crimean Bridge opens. By that time, there are plans to modernise local railway lines, to purchase new trains and to draft a cost-effective rail traffic concept.

Current commuter train routes:

  • Simferopol-Yevpatoria
  • Simferopol-Sevastopol
  • Simferopol-Solyonoye Ozero
  • Simferopol-Dzhankoi
  • Dzhankoi-Yevpatoria
  • Feodosia-Kerch

For updated train schedules, go to the Crimean Railway website.

Or call railway station information desks:

  • Sevastopol Railway Station: +7(8692)653181
  • Dzhankoi Railway Station: +7(36564)92337
  • Yevpatoria Railway Station: +7(36569)51411
  • Feodosia Railway Station: +7(36562)21153
  • Kerch Railway Station: +7(36561)67051