Crimea operates a unique system of intercity trolleybus lines linking Simferopol with resorts on the peninsula's southern section. In 1959, an 84 km intercity trolleybus route, the longest in the world, opened; the entire length from Simferopol airport is 96 km.

Trolleybus routes run past famous landmarks, presenting a convenient and low-cost alternative for tourists.

Trolleybuses to Alushta, Yalta and many other coastal towns are available at the square in front of the Simferopol Railway Station and also from the airport. Ticket offices are also located there. Here are the five main trolleybus routes:

  • No. 51 (Simferopol-Alushta): Weekdays, trolleybuses every 25-60 minutes; trip time —1 hour
  • No. 52 (Simferopol-Yalta): Via Perevalnoye, Alushta and Gurzuf; trolleybuses every 30-40 minutes; trip time — 1 hour
  • No. 53 (Alushta-Yalta): Alternative trolleybus from Alushta with two evening runs from Yalta; trip time — 1 hour
  • No. 54 (Airport-Alushta): Trolleybuses every hour; trip time — 3 hours
  • No. 55 (Airport-Yalta): This is the longest trolleybus route in the world; service hours: 4.40 am-10.17 pm; trip time — 3 hours.

For information about routes, fares and any changes, go to the trolleybus operator Krymtrolleybus website.