Several regional and national car sharing and taxi companies operate in Crimea. Most cities also have local services, with hotels providing transfer services.

Travellers can take a taxi or rent a car at Simferopol airport. To order a taxi, contact the dispatch service at the airport terminal. Trips can be reserved in advance by calling +7(3652)595210 or by e-mail:

The dispatch service charges fixed rates for trips between the peninsula's communities. Passengers can pay with cash or bank card. After arriving, they are given receipts listing the trip's full cost. Each taxi provides free Wi-Fi, child seats, air conditioning, and mobile devices charging ports.

Taxis stop in the first lane opposite the arrivals section. Passengers will be notified by their mobile phones.

Car rental is also available at the airport. A pavilion with car rental company counters is located near the taxi dispatch centre. For more information on rentals, go to the Simferopol airport's website.

Travellers are not advised to use unauthorised drivers.