This impressive engineering feat ranks among the largest bridges in Russia and is seen as an important facility for Crimea. The Crimean Bridge officially opened 16 March 2018, and toll-free vehicle traffic was launched between the peninsula and mainland Russia the same day. First lorries drove over the bridge on 1 October 2018.

The 19 km long bridge includes a pair of parallel bridges that provide for road and rail traffic. The route starts on Taman Peninsula and passes along a 5 km dam and Tuzla Island. The bridge then crosses the Kerch Strait and reaches the Crimean coast.

The Crimean Bridge's four-lane motorway section can handle up to 40,000 vehicles daily. The bridge maintenance service has all the materials and equipment for promptly responding to difficult weather conditions. Over 60 signs showing distance and the direction of movement are installed along the bridge.

The Crimean Bridge's railway section will be completed in 2019. A temporary operation is to be launched in December 2019, while full service double-track capacity will be up to 94 trains daily. Passenger and freight trains will run at 120 km/h and 80 km/h, respectively.

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