Buses are the simplest and most popular local transport option. Unlike trains or boats, they are everywhere.

It is possible to get to any community from Simferopol, the republic's capital and logistic centre. Bus tickets are sold inside the airport, and buses depart from a platform near the entrance. They also connect the city with the most popular resorts. For ticket reservations, go to the bus company's website or click on the airport's website.

It is also possible to reach one of the bus stations in Simferopol by public transit. All seaside routes are posted at Kurortnaya Station near the railway station. The Central Bus Station links Simferopol with cities in other Russian regions, including Sochi, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don and others, as well as most Crimean towns. The Vostochnaya and Zapadnaya bus stations serve eastern and western routes, respectively.

Schedules are seasonal and should be confirmed on the bus operator Krymavtotrans' website. It is also possible to buy bus tickets online.

It should be noted that Sevastopol is a separate constituent entity of the Russian Federation, therefore passengers will have to present their IDs when buying tickets and travelling to the city. Bus schedules and tickets are available on the bus operator Sevavtotrans' website. For more information, call +7(8692)440464.

Those entitled to discount tickets will have to provide the required documents and their passports. In addition, people with disabilities can use the social taxi service. For more information, call the information desk of Krymavtotrans at +7(3652)545676.

The bus website provides all information concerning tickets (including children's). Krymavtotrans allows transportation of animals. Pets must be health and kept in clean and closed cages. Additional information regarding pets is posted on the bus operator's official website.

Passengers can carry bags and suitcases whose combined dimensions (height, length and width) do not exceed 120 cm. They will have to pay an extra 10 percent while transporting luggage whose combined dimensions exceed 180 cm.