Crimea is a very special corner on our planet. Various climatic zones, mountains, plains, steppes, lakes, seas. Architectural, historical, cultural attractions. Hiking, automobile, extreme, wine, gastronomic, ethnic and many more different types of tourism. You can talk about this endlessly. But it's better to see once. See live, and then consolidate the impressions, admiring the beauty of the peninsula, frozen in the author's photographs.

With the support of the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism, we have prepared for you a unique "Crimea. Varied and Beloved" photo exhibition, timed to coincide with the World Tourism Day. The main exposition of the exhibition opened in the terminal of the Simferopol International Airport and consists of 12 works, most of which are the author's photographs of the employees of the Travel Crimea Tourist Portal. And you can see 26 more wonderful works right here and right now.