So, both Muscat and Dolinnoyeh received 93 points from the expert council, which by right allowed them to enter the first 10 of the Top 100 − this is reported on the rating website.

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The experts emphasized the "stunning depth and elegance" of the Muscat wine.

"Fortified, but without a feeling of heaviness; sweet, but without a hint of cloying; nutmeg, but with a branded refreshing citron tint… An exquisite delicacy!" noted the members of the council.

They also noted that Massandra's production volume is 20 million bottles per year, and the total vineyard area is 3,360 hectares.

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The experts called Satera company "the new philosophy of the Crimean winemaking." Its wines produced under the Kacha Valley and Esse brands, have already become cult. Last year, Satera won the 'Winery of 2021' nomination. The company, founded by a group of like-minded people 15 years ago, today produces 1.2 million bottles a year, and grows its own grapes on an area of 158 hectares.

"We are happy to have this elegant Bordeaux blend in our Top 10. Continuity is a very good sign for the rating of such a young and rapidly developing industry as Russian winemaking," wine critics are convinced.

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Crimean wines
In addition, in the 'best organoleptic of liqueur wine' nomination, the victory was gained by the famous Solnechnaya Dolina drink from the winery of the same name.

"The broad aromatic palette, the depth and harmony of the taste of this aged liqueur wine impressed the experts so much that they could not restrain their emotions and gave Solnechnaya Dolina the highest score of the final tasting − 95 out of 100." the expert council summed up.

68 wineries took part in the Top100Wines 2022. Qualifying tastings were held in five stages:  80 sparkling wines, 138 whites, 162 reds, 45 roses and 25 dessert/fortified wines. In total, the expert council evaluated 450 wines. 204 wines were selected for the final, which scored 90+ points at the qualifying stages. 

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