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The house-museum of Anton Chekhov
The one and a half hour tour tells about the lives of prominent figures, whose names are forever included in the annals not only of Simferopol, but of Crimea too. Among them are Prince Grigory Potemkin-Tavricheskiy, political and military figure Pavel Dybenko, party and statesman Dmitry Ulyanov, supreme commander of the Russian army Nikolai Krylenko, famous surgeon and priest Luka Krymskiy.

"The guide tells about what exploits and deeds of prominent figures the Crimean capital preserves and glorifies. Tourists will learn about the merits of Grigoriy Potemkin, the favorite of Catherine II, whose bust stands in Simferopol downtown, about the famous revolutionaries Dmitry Ulyanov and Pavel Dybenko. One of the most heartfelt stories will be about Archbishop Luka Krymskiy, known in the world as an outstanding surgeon, and after his death as a Saint Archbishop who heals" Svetlana Barauhina, head of the Crimean travel and excursion agency, told the Crimean Travel Portal.

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The tour starts at the monument to Catherine II in the Catherine Garden. Then it goes along the central streets and squares of Simferopol with stops at the Dybenko stele and the monument to Luka Krymskiy.

Excursion "Crimean stories of Russian men. The role of personality in history"

It is planned that everyone will be able to visit the tour in October. Announcements, schedule and contacts for booking an excursion will be published in the bureau group on VKontakte.

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The new tourism project is organized by the Crimean Travel and Excursion Bureau on the order of the Crimean Entrepreneurship Support Fund and with the support of the Ministry of Resorts and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea. Svetlana Barauhina, a School of Guides graduate and a practicing guide from Dzhankoy, is the head of the Crimean Travel and Excursion Bureau.