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Anton Chekhov Museum House
According to the organizers, this year the theme of the event will be "The Ark, or the Traveling of Travels". The event will be attended by dozens of modern talented creators with experience in major Russian and international projects. The program promises to be rich in events. 

Street theaters will show new promenade performances, where spectators will be able to "move" together with the actors in both real and fantasy space. The culmination of this action will be a carnival procession on the Professor's Corner promenade. Anyone can participate. The main condition is to come up in an image that meets the theme of the festival. It will be possible to create a costume at free master classes that will open on the promenade on May 12. Registration for classes will be available on the Alushta.Green website. 

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Concert in the framework of the festival "Road to Yalta"
The festival provides also place for sports. Jogging, training with famous sports bloggers, fun competitions, demonstration performances of athletes and actors of stunt choreography are planned. 

And adherents of healthy and tasty food will be able to visit the fair, where themed dishes will be offered by local food places. 

At the same time, the topic of imaginary future and its connection with the present will be discussed at the lecture hall. By the way, a three-day Around Nature school of ecology will work simultaneously with the festival. Attention will be paid there to the ecology of Crimea in general and Alushta in particular. 

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Crimea coast
"Music will accompany everything that happens, setting the right mood. Instead of a single concert block, there will be an archipelago of sounds. New-age meditative contemplation, rich ethnical art, experiments by independent authors ― many discoveries are in store," the organizers promise. The "Masha and the Bears" group is announced as the headliner.

At the festival, all safety measures will be observed, and many of them, the organizers promise, will be presented creatively. For example, in the workshops it will be possible to learn how to sew a reusable designer mask, and social distancing at the carnival procession will become part of the scenario. 

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Extreme Crimea festival
The purpose of the Alushta.Green festival is to remind about the respect for nature and for each other, using the language of contemporary art. It was first held in 2019. The project left a series of art objects to Alushta that have become part of the urban cultural landscape. Some of the sculptures, installations and graffiti are on the promenade of the resort. All of them are dedicated to the topic of conscious consumption and the protection of nature.