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The rating is published on the Санатории-России.РФ booking portal. It is noted that the top three for recovery from COVID-19 were the health resorts of the South Coast of Crimea, Sochi and Tatarstan.

"In the health resorts of Crimea and Sochi climatotherapy is the main therapeutic factor. Clean sea air and healing mud from local sources contribute to the early rehabilitation of the respiratory system functions," the experts explain.

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According to the portal, in the health resorts of the South Coast of Crimea guests will spend from 2,300 rubles ($ 32) a day for relax and recovery, in the health resorts of Sochi — 2,550 rubles ($ 35.5), in the health resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters in the Stavropol Territory ― 2,450 rubles ($ 34).

In addition, health resorts of the Moscow Region, Stavropol Territory, Leningrad Region, Altai Territory, Samara Region, Chelyabinsk Region and Perm Territory are among the TOP 10 in terms of post-COVID rehabilitation.

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