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3D tour of Crimea: Koktebel
Kara-Dag Nature Reserve
Thanks to the magnificent nature, abundance of attractions and an incredible bohemian atmosphere, Koktebel is known far beyond the borders of our country. This is a popular resort that year after year attracts tourists from all the post-Soviet countries.  And if you arrived in Crimea and have at least one spare day, then be sure to go to Koktebel, and we will tell you what to see there.

Koktebel promenade

The promenade in Koktebel is one of the most popular places of this resort village.  Tourists are traditionally gathering there to admire seascapes, enjoy the surrounding beauties and, of course, breathe the clearest air. 

There are cafés, restaurants, bars, canteens, entertainment zones and souvenir shops.  Souvenirs from Crimea are indispensable!  In the holiday season, the promenade becomes a magnet for tourists − entertainments for adults and animation for children everywhere.  And in the offseason, it is good to have slow walks there, relax and enjoy the vacation.

The promenade in Koktebel

Maximilian Voloshin House-Museum

The museum was organized in 1984 in the former house of a Russian poet, artist and literary critic Maximilian Voloshin.  The house keeps the interiors of the time when the poet lived there.  Visitors will see his library, archive, dining room and workshop.  Thanks to the personal traits of the writer and his high authority in literary and art circles, the village became the place of pilgrimage for the creative intelligentsia at that time.  Poets, writers, cultural figures came to visit Voloshin, among them Mandelstam, Gorky, Bulgakov, Veresayev, Zoshchenko, Chukovsky and many others.  Today you can visit this unusual museum and absorb the atmosphere of that time.

House-Museum of Maximilian Voloshin

Dino park  

The park-museum is the most exciting and unusual museum in Koktebel.  Its pavilions in the form of giant spheres, like aliens spaceships, are at the foot of the Kara-Dag extinct volcano.  The territory is divided into several zones.  In the hall of paleontology, the visual impression of which is enhanced by a huge model of a dinosaur, you can learn more about these extinct inhabitants of the Earth.  It is interesting and exciting, especially for young guests.  The ornithological pavilion with live birds also deserves attention.  There is an Australian bird Emu, white peacocks and different types of pigeons.


Water park

In the holiday season you should definitely visit the water park in Koktebel.  This is a real paradise for lovers of extreme and active entertainment.  It occupies an area of over 4 hectares.  There are seven pools, 24 slides, 12 of which are designed specifically for children.  The spirit of pirates reigns everywhere.  And even a parrot of Silver is considered a mascot of the water park − it meets the guests and invites them to go for the search of adventure.

Water park "Koktebel"


The dolphinarium is another very interesting seasonal object there.  If you are lucky enough to relax in Koktebel in the holiday season or in September − and in Crimea it is considered the fourth month of summer − be sure to visit the show.  Huge open pools, comfortable stands and stunning shows will not leave adults or children indifferent.

Dolphinarium in Koktebel

Monument to Voloshin

The monument to Voloshin rises proudly near the poet’s house-museum, which is in the central part of Koktebel promenade.  The poet is depicted with a staff in his hand, as if he had just returned from a walk around the picturesque outskirts of Koktebel.

Monument to Maximilian Voloshin on the Koktebel embankment

Monument to the members of the Koktebel landing operation

This is a sign and important place in Koktebel, dedicated to the memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War.  The author of the monument is the Theodosian sculptor Boris Lets.  It was opened in 1975 in honor of the participants of the Kerch-Theodosia landing operation.  The sea-borne assault force landed in the Koktebel bay on the night of December 29, 1941.  The Koktebel landing was a diversionary operation and was designed to distract the enemy’s forces from the main landing point in Theodosia.  The monument can be seen in front of the Blue Gulf boarding-house building, near the place where the killed in action sailors were buried on the eve of 1942.

Monument to the soldiers of the Koktebel landing

The Koktebel fine wines winery

The winery is famous for its wines, especially Madera.  Its history started in 1944, when on the remnants of two vineyard farms near the village of Otuzy (renamed after the war to Shchebetóvka), the Koktebel state farm was set up.  Today, there is a unique collection of wines at the winery, where among the exhibits there is even a Madera of 1944 − of the first year of the new Soviet winery.

Madeira barrels on the Madeira site

"Starfall of memories"

This is an amazing place for those who like to contemplate the pristine nature.  From an amazing rotunda view point on top of Koklyuk Hill, opens a panoramic view of the village and the valley. The hill itself from this side looks bizarre − the winds turned its slopes into a group of strange sculptures from limestone. An interesting place, which should be included in a one-day route.

View of the surrounding area of ​​Koktebel from the rotunda “Starfall of Memories”

Mount Klementyev

How can you be in Koktebel and not to visit, perhaps, the most famous place here − Mount Kleméntyev?  No, you can’t.  So you too include it in your program.  A mountain with unique ascending air flows attracts thousands of flight enthusiasts.  Here is the Center of gliding sports.  You can fly on a paraglider, a deltaplane, and also jump with a parachute.  This place is rightfully considered "Magnet of Gliding."

View of Mount Klementyev in Koktebel

Of course, these are far from all interesting places that are worth visiting in Koktebel, but it is hardly possible to see everything in one day.  Therefore, come here for a longer period or try to do this more often.  Koktebel is always glad to welcome guests.

View of Koktebel
Entrance to Koktebel
Mountains in the vicinity of Koktebel
Cellars of the Koktebel vintage wine factory
Vineyards of the Koktebel vintage wine factory
Vineyards at the entrance to Koktebel
Participants in paragliding competitions at the “Upstream” festival on Mount Klementyev near Koktebel in Crimea
View from the observation deck “Starfall of Memories” near the village of Koktebel
House-Museum of Maximilian Voloshin
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View of Koktebel

Photo: Tourist portal of the Republic of Crimea, Sergey Korshunov


Entrance to Koktebel

Photo: Ministry of Resorts of Crimea


Mountains in the vicinity of Koktebel

Photo: Ministry of Resorts of Crimea


Cellars of the Koktebel vintage wine factory

Photo of the Koktebel vintage wine factory


Vineyards of the Koktebel vintage wine factory

Photo of the plant from the VKontakte page


Vineyards at the entrance to Koktebel

Photo: Tourist portal of the Republic of Crimea, Irina Uleva


Participants in paragliding competitions at the “Upstream” festival on Mount Klementyev near Koktebel in Crimea

RIA Novosti, Sergey Malgavko


View from the observation deck “Starfall of Memories” near the village of Koktebel

Photo: Tourist portal of the Republic of Crimea


House-Museum of Maximilian Voloshin

Photo courtesy of the Cimmeria Voloshin Museum-Reserve