During the second defense of Sevastopol (1941-1942), the Zheleznyakov armored train was a true legend. During 140 combat raids the train crew caused significant damage to the enemy forces. The Troitskiy Tunnel was its shelter from the enemy fire.

German troops could block the Zheleznyakov in the tunnel only in July 1942.

The armored train consisted of a powerful steam locomotive E-2500 and four railway platforms, reinforced with "sandwich" armor-concrete plates. Three artillery turrets, two Lender guns, two mortars and 16 machine guns were placed on the platforms.

In the 1970s, to commemorate the Zheleznyakov war feats, its E-2500 steam locomotive was installed as a monument in Sevastopol. On the tender of the locomotive there is a war slogan: "Death to fascism!"