Victory Park occupies 50 hectares in the Gagarinsky district of the Hero City. The main attraction is the monument to George the Victorious. This is a thirty-meter column crowned with a bronze statue of St. George the Victorious.

On the territory there are quiet alleys of hero cities, the alley of Olympic athletes, the Central and Komsomolskaya alleys; the alley of Medical workers, of Veterans of Afghanistan, the alley of Bicentennial of the city; groves of Partisans and underground resistance, the 200th anniversary of the Black Sea Fleet and its Hydrographic Service; the exposition of the Sailor Zheleznyakov armored train heroes and the new Alley of Russia.

On the territory there are old trees preserved and a rotunda, the memorial in honor of the Heroes of the Soviet Union, the memorial chapel of Alexander. The alleys lead to the city beach.  There are summer cafés, a rope park, a mini-stadium, a water park on the waterfront.