The museum occupies the building of the former Officers’ Club of the 51st Lithuanian Infantry Regiment in Simferopol. It is still an architectural landmark of the early twentieth century. The style of facade decoration is in the tradition of neo-empire.

Now more than 10 thousand exhibits are in stock of the Simferopol Art Museum. This is a classic museum collection of home and foreign art of the 16-21 centuries. The works of Nikolai Samokish, Konstantin Bogayevsky, Nikolai Barsamov, the nephew of the outstanding marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky Emanuel Magdesian, Jean Baptiste Joseph Bastiné, Lorenzo Covaglio, Isidore Patrois, Hendrick de Klerk and other world famous artists are carefully stored and exhibited in the museum.

Apart from this, a family art studio is set up on the basis of the museum, where everyone from seven to 70 years old is taught drawing using the example of masterpieces of world culture.