Not far from the Chersonesos Taureka archaeological museum-reserve in Sevastopol there is a park named after Anna Akhmatova. Its main entrance is crowned with a colonnade, behind which the main alley begins.

After the reconstruction of 2018 it became a place of leisure and entertainment for inhabitants and guests of the hero city. On its territory there are several playgrounds with slides, carousels and obstacle courses. There are volleyball, basketball and tennis grounds.

Alleys and paths in the park are paved with tiles, there are benches, lanterns and dustbins along them, the lawns flourish with various colors and compositions of plants. The park overlooks the Sunny Beach, next to which there is an open cinema and concert hall in the form of an amphitheater.

You can admire the park, Vladimir Cathedral and Chersonesos from the rotunda at the top of a small hill. Between the columns there are transparent panels with images of people in ancient Greek clothing.