The fountain is in the picturesque park of the Gurzufsky Health Resort. The sculpture in the Baroque style depicts a scene from Greek mythology. The central figure is Nyx (or Nox in Latin) − the goddess of the night with a torch of life up in her hand. Close to her there are the figures of two boys symbolizing the god of sleep Hypnos and the god of love Eros (Somnus and Amor in Latin). Together they stand on the globe, which is supported by a pair of Atlantes and a pair of Caryatids.  Each of them holds a goldfish above the head. Streams of water beat up from the mouths of the fishes, symbolizing evil forces that strive to extinguish the torch of life in the hand of the goddess.

Peter Gubonin, the founder of the resort, brought the model of the fountain sculpture to Gurzuf from the Vienna World Exhibition. The fountain was cast from refractory steel and installed in the park in front of the hotel in 1889.