Trenev public garden is one of the ID cards of Simferopol. It is in the very center of the city, there are several playgrounds, lots of greenery, fountains, and benches for repose. 

The garden was laid in 1957 and was called the Flower Park for a large number of flower beds. It was placed on the former Bazaar Square. In 1960 a monument to the writer Konstantin Trenyov was installed in the center of the garden. 

The monument is a bronze 3-meter figure of the writer on a pedestal of Crimean diorite. Since then the garden bears his name. And the city’s first color music fountain was installed there. 

During the reconstruction that lasted a year from 2011, a complex of color music fountains was installed in the garden. 

On the territory of the garden there are now: a monument to Trenyov, four color musical fountains, the Republican Hall of Honor and the building of the Children's Music School No. 1, named after Rachmaninov.