Cinema named after Taras Shevchenko is the oldest in Crimea. It was built in 1904 by businessman Leonid Sukhomlinov in the center of Simferopol. The first cinema ("illusion", as it was called at that time) in Crimea was named "Bayan". 

In 1910 the building with the first cinema hall was acquired by Franz Schneider − one of the richest people in Simferopol at that time. He retained the purpose of the building and made cinema showings regular. The building housed a large hall with 800 seats with boxes. An orchestra played for the guests in the intermissions. 

Under the Soviet power, the cinema received the name "Star of the Revolution", and then "Bolshevik". In 1954, the cinema was named after Taras Shevchenko. The building is an architectural landmark. 

Today there are three halls: Rubin, Anthracite and Aquamarine, and there is a VIP-balcony. New screens and comfortable chairs are installed. Films are shown in 3D and 2D formats. There is also a lobby bar.