Residents of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol have the same access to the national healthcare system as people elsewhere in the Russian Federation. Medical treatment is provided in keeping with the procedure established by the regulatory acts effective in the Russian Federation.

When going on holiday, take your mandatory health insurance policy (MHIP) card, a document verifying your right to free medical aid at any state-run medical institution across Russia.

If you forget to take your MHIP card with you, you will have to produce your passport to prove you are a policy holder, following which a medical institution will carry out an identification procedure, that is, it will ask the territorial mandatory health insurance fund to retrieve information about the patient from the Single State Registry of Insured Individuals. This information, if available, will confirm your right to receive full medical treatment covered by the mandatory health insurance programme.

Foreign nationals are recommended to buy a travel health insurance of their choice for the entire period of their stay in Crimea and Sevastopol from an insurance company or travel agency in advance. 

It is important to note that emergency treatment is provided in any region across Russia without documents and free of charge, including to foreign nationals.

Tourists can also receive medical treatment at any private clinic on the peninsula in keeping with the procedure established at that clinic.

The 24-hour emergency number in Crimea is the same as elsewhere in Russia — 112, ambulance — 103. They have to be dialled without area codes on both landline and mobile phones.