The museum stores more than 30 thousand exhibits, some of which are personal belongings of A.P. Chekhov. Interested in how the master of short story lived? Then go ahead – to a virtual tour.

The virtual tour is provided by the Crimean Literary and Artistic Memorial Museum and Reserve and is published within a framework of the 'Crimea in 3D' project. Thanks to the interactive mode and 360° format, you can view the museum's expositions in detail without leaving your home.

More than 20 panoramas are available for viewing. These are the rooms in which Anton Chekhov lived and worked: the bedrooms of his wife and sister, guest rooms, halls of a three-story house, a living room, a veranda and an outhouse. You can also "walk" through the cozy garden, which the writer created with his own hands. About 30% of plants have survived there from the time of Chekhov.

At the bottom of the player there is a button that allows you to open the control panel. Here you can select the hall or section of the garden that you want to view, as well as scroll through the panoramas and turn on full-screen viewing. Use the mouse to scroll the image, rotate it right, left, up and down, and zoom to and from the objects.