There are also later buildings there, for example, religious building and barracks of the Kirillovskiy regiment.

The virtual tour is provided by the Sudak Fortress Museum and Reserve and it is published within the framework of the 'Crimea in 3D' project. Thanks to the interactive mode and 360° format, you can view the museum's expositions in detail without leaving your home.

During such a tour, you can see the main gate and towers of the fortress, the barbican, temple, the Consular Castle, the barracks of the Kirillovskiy regiment, excavations in the port area, viewing platforms and a museum exposition in the temple with an arcade. It is also proposed to look at Sudak from a bird's eye view. In total, more than 50 panoramas are available for viewing.

On the bottom panel of the player there is a menu where you can select the view of interest, scroll through the panoramas, switch between them, enable viewing in full screen mode. Use the mouse to scroll the image, rotate it right, left, up and down, and zoom to and from the objects.

In addition, in the upper left corner of the player there is a menu with background information about the Sudak fortress, museum contacts and a photo gallery.