The architecture of the building combined English, neo-Moorish and Gothic styles. In 1945, during the Yalta Conference, several meetings of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt took place in this palace.

The virtual tour is provided by the Museum and Reserve of the Alupka Palace and Park, and is published within the framework of the 'Crimea in 3D' project. Thanks to the interactive mode and 360° format, you can view the Palace in detail without leaving your home.

Five panoramas are available for viewing. You can see the blue living room and the dining room, the southern portal and the northern ceremonial yard. There is also a panorama of a swan lake.

On the bottom panel of the player there are controls to scroll through the panoramas, switch between them, zoom to and from the objects, rotate images to the right, left, up and down. The latter actions can also be performed with a mouse. There is also a button to enable full screen viewing.