In the Republic of Crimea, including Sevastopol, mobile communication services are available to the subscribers of all Russian communication providers at their rates. Services may not be available to the subscribers of foreign providers on the basis of the providers' decision (if they have no agreements with Russian networks because of the anti-Crimean sanctions).

Crimea also has its own mobile operators: Win Mobile, Volna, Krymtelekom and Sevmobile. Their SIM-cards are available at the Simferopol international airport and at the companies' offices.

Mobile communication services in Crimea, both by national and regional operators, can be paid for at mobile phone outlets, via payment terminals and online.

Mobile internet connection and other services are provided at the rates established by mobile operators.

For a mobile call to a Crimean or Sevastopol operator's number first dial 7, then the operator's area code and the telephone number. For example: +7(978)ХХХ ХХХХ.

For a call to a landline phone number in Crimea first dial 7, then the city area code and the telephone number. For example: +7(3652)ХХX ХХХХ.

Crimean cities' area codes:

Sevastopol 8692

Simferopol 3652

Greater Yalta 3654

Alushta 36560

Sudak 36566

Kerch 36561

Bakhchisarai 36554

Belogorsk 36559

Saki 36563

Dzhankoy 36564

Yevpatoria 36569

Feodosia 36562

Chernomorskoye 36558

Razdolnoye 36553

Krasnoperekopsk 36565