There are many campsites and tent camps along the Crimean coast where tourists can enjoy the beautiful local nature, beaches and sea angling. Official campsites offer campers various comforts, such as parking facilities, places where tents can be pitched, tent and cabin rental stations, WCs, showers, running water and electricity, as well as internet access, food and various forms of entertainment.
There are a great number of campsites for car tourists in Crimea, including:

Olenevka, Tarkhankut

• The Sunset campsite has camping cars by the sea, a 750m long beach with infrastructure, sun umbrellas, changing rooms, showers and WCs, lifeguards and children's beach entertainment.


• The Zaporozhskaya Sech Recreation Camp is located on the Golden Beach, the cleanest and longest stretch of sandy beach in Crimea. Tourists can rent rooms in a building with all required amenities or individual full-board accommodation in bungalows or do self-catering.


• The Turbaza Khimik campsite has tents and bungalows located 50m from the sea. It is very good for family recreation, large groups of tourists or romantic couples.

Vacationers by the rocks of the Generalskiye beaches


• The Kapsel campsite on the sea located between Cape Megan and Cape Alchak has been a favourite site for car tourists and active holiday makers since the Soviet era. The camp has cafes, bars and a canteen with set menus.

The southern coast

• The Krym campsite near the Foros Resort Park in Yalta has sites for tents and camping cars, as well as bungalows which can accommodate three people.

• The campsite of the Goluboi Zaliv Waterpark in Simeiz offers a fantastic view of the sea and the Ai-Petri and Koshka mountains. The campsite is located in tiered mountain terrain with conifer trees and a convenient path leading to the sea.

• The Belaya Rus campsite in a quiet Alushta suburb spreads over an area of 4,000 sq m with two-storey buildings in the southern part of the site.

• The Ripario Hotel Group campsite in Otradnoye outside Yalta is based on the territory of the hotel complex of the same name. It has everything necessary for recreation, including a well-appointed beach and cafes, a pool and fitness centre, as well as beach entertainment for adults and children.

• The Polyana Skazok campsite is located at the foot of Stavri-Kay Mountain in Yalta. The accommodation includes free use of the pool and rope park as well as entertainment for the children.

A fisherman in the Belogorsky district


• The Uchkuyevka campsite in the northern part of Sevastopol 50m from the sea offers access to the beach, endurance tours to the ancient fortresses Mangup-Kale and Eski-Karmen, flights on light aircraft, as well as parachute training and jumps. It is ideal for active outdoor fans.


• The Sosnovy Bor campsite for cars and tents stands amid towering pines. It has running water, showers, WCs and washbasins, as well as a sandy beach 200m away from the site.

• The Spasalka campsite in Peschanoye is exceptionally popular with bikers and extreme driving fans. There is a large sandy beach nearby.


• The Burevestnik campsite near the Lazurny Bereg beach has modern comforts and stands inside the Kalamita Bay. Its large sandy beach with a user-friendly path leading to the sea is ideal for families with children.