If you are planning your first trip to Crimea, you can use these simple guidelines: pebbles and deep water in the south, sand and shallow water in the east and west (good for family holidays), strong winds in the northwest (for windsurfing and kitesurfing) and wild areas to the north.

The average swimming season in Crimea (with water temperature of 17˚С and higher) lasts 140-160 days per year. It usually begins in the second half of May and ends in the first half of October.

The total length of beaches is over 450 km. As of today, most beaches are situated in the Yevpatoria city district (89), the Greater Yalta (88) and Greater Alushta (87). There were 446 beaches in total during the 2018 season. Eight beaches applied for a flag statues, seven out of which were categorised as blue (first category) and got green (second category), which means that these beaches comply with the highest quality standards. Most of them are located on the southern coast of the peninsula.

Все удовольствия под солнцем\: пляжи Крыма

After Crimea became part of Russia, new standards for beaches were introduced and their quality has improved annually. The key principles for beaches are that they must be accessible, clean and safe.

Today access to beaches is guaranteed by the state. Only access to children's and health resort beaches (those located near health resorts and children's camps) can be limited. The admittance is free in all other cases. Beaches can only charge for additional services such as sun loungers, catering or entertainment.

Before the season begins, all beaches are inspected and receive permits. They can only open after divers inspect the sea bottom near the beach, rescue and medical stations are fully equipped and waste containers are installed. Changing stalls and showers are checked for compliance with sanitary laws. Beaches are cleaned twice a day between May and October. Every beach has a stand with phone numbers people can use to ask questions or post complaints.

In addition, 70 Crimean beaches are equipped for people with reduced mobility. There are ramps and railings to go into the water, shades, parking, pedestrian paths and changing stalls. The full list of beaches suited for people with reduced mobility is available on the website of the Crimean Ministry for Health Resorts and Tourism.

Все удовольствия под солнцем\: пляжи Крыма

Top 10 ways to sunbathe in Crimea

  • Under the Blue Flag at the Massandra beaches, Yalta, to enjoy a holiday of the highest standard in the world
  • At the Golden Beaches of Feodosia to understand why the sand there is considered the best in the region
  • Enjoying recreation in the wild in an uninhabited bay of the General's Beaches near Kerch, in the Azov Sea
  • Windsurfing in Olenyovka supervised by experienced windsurfing and kitesurfing instructors
  • Building a sand castle with children in Yevpatoriya
  • Trying Yuri Gagarin's favourite beach in Gurzuf and picturing Pushkin swimming there
  • Enjoying the view at the Cape Fiolent
  • Kayaking from the Koktebel city beach to the Bukhta Barakhta to ask locals where the name comes from
  • Seeing the giant radar telescopes of the Deep Space Network Centre at the beach in Molochnoye, near Yevpatoriya
  • Testing how clear and clean the water is in the Sinyaya, Golubaya and Zelyonaya bays in Novy Svet
  • Choosing between the turbulent sea and the calm lake at the Bakalskaya Spit, which is only 50 m at its widest.